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For vigorous and healthy plant growth

  • Strengthens
    the roots
  • Friable
  • Exuberant
  • Maintains
  • Long-term


  • decorative trees and bushes
  • fruit trees


  • feeding when planting trees and bushes
  • regular feeding of existing trees and bushes
  • quick revitalization of plants and biological soil health enhancement
  • improved vitality and increased fruitfulness in fruit growing


  • encourages the healthy growth and development of the plant’s root system
  • ensures nutrients for longer periods of time
  • binds nutrients and prevents the washing out of nutrients into deeper soil layers and the subsequent groundwater pollution
  • ensures prolonged presence of moisture in the soil for the plant
  • drains the soil, retaining sufficient moisture in the soil
  • helps prevent soil compaction
  • enables gas exchange in the root system
  • ensures lusher growth
  • ensures fuller flowers and longer bloom time


  • practical and easy to use
  • contains all natural elements necessary for plant growth and development
  • high-quality product with visible results
  • ecologically acceptable, biodegradable
  • unique application for tree revitalization and biological soil enhancement